Square Enix Takes Down Video Asking For Dragon Quest X Localization

Be careful about what you say in your Youtube videos, folks. If you’re talking about some Square Enix titles and the company doesn’t like what you’re saying, they will take down your video.

What has come in today is really, really surprising. The Japanese company has apparently taken down a video asking why Western gamers aren’t getting Dragon Quest X.

Player Essence reports that a video featuring one of the trailers for the game with a random commentary got taken down with a copyright claim a few minutes after becoming available. There’s really no way to explain all this, considering the footage was from a promotional trailer.

Dragon Quest X is a MMORPG released on Wii, Wii U and PC in Japan. Despite fans asking for a localization, Square Enix has said nothing about it. The Wii version of the game has been released at the end of the console’s life so it was pretty obvious it wasn’t going to be released in the West. The Wii U versions, however, was released around a year ago with some graphical and interface improvements. The PC version is even more recent, released in September, but, just like for the other versions, Square Enix said nothing about a localization.

Being a MMORPG with a subscription fee, it’s understandable that Square Enix doesn’t want to take the risk. Still, this is no reason to take down a video asking for the game to be localized.

Source: Player Essence

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