XSEED Teasing New Game Announcements

The North American publisher XSEED has gone through a very successful year, releasing many successful games on different platforms. Obviously more games will be released during 2014 and the company has released a very peculiar image that seems to hint towards some of the upcoming games.

On the top left of the image is an image that seems to point towards the localization of Senran Kagura for PsVita. This release wouldn’t really be surprising, considering the 3DS release for the series has been released a few weeks ago in North America.

The silhouette on the right seems to point towards Akiba’s Trip 2, a Japanese adventure game released around a month ago on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 in Japan.

The cat-like creature on the left also seems to suggest that more The Legend Of Heroes games might get announced soon, as it has appeared in Zero/Ao/Nayuta no Kiseki

Some of XSEED’s 2014 games have already been announced some time ago. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Second Chapter will be released sometime during 2014 in North America on PSN and Steam. The localization is a joint effort between XSEED and Cape Fulgur, who has previously translated some other obscure Japanese games.

XSEED is surely working on other titles that will be released on non Sony platforms. We can expect teases for these games to surface online soon.


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