New Driveclub Footage Emerges Online

New footage for the Playstation 4 exclusive racing game Driveclub has surfaced online a few hours ago. The footage is not too long, unfortunately, but it looks really, really great. At times it’s almost hard to tell that it’s video game footage and not a real race.

You can check out the Driveclub footage by checking out this video and going to the 0:11 mark. The Driveclub footage ends at the 0:48 mark.

Driveclub was supposed to be a Playstation 4 launch title. The game, however, has been delayed last month and will now release sometime next year.

According Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, the game has been delayed due to the innovative social features developed for the game. As they play a big part in the gameplay experience, the team didn’t want to remove some of them in order to release the game in November. Yoshida san promises that the game will be incredibly polished and offer a unique racing game experience, also thanks to these social features.

The PsPlus version of Driveclub, a free stripped down version of the game, which was supposed to be available on launch, has also been delayed.

Driveclub will launch sometime during 2014 exclusively on Playstation 4.


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