Stalin vs. Martians 3 Kickstarter acknowledges past faults

Stalin vs. Martians was a ridiculous, delightful concept which failed to be executed in an enjoyable way, something its creators frankly acknowledge in their Kickstarter pitch for a second entry in the series, mysteriously titled Stalin vs. Martians 3.

“Stalin vs. Martians 3 is a glorious follow-up to one of the most ridiculous games of all times. Okay, Stalin vs. Martians wasn’t really a game. It was an art installation. It was playable sometimes, but it wasn’t all about gaming,” Dreamlore Games wrote on its Kickstarter page for the new game.

“The most groundbreaking and innovative feature of Stalin vs. Martians 3 is that we plan not only to turn the concept up to 11, but also, you know, make it fun to play. So yeah, SvM3 is gonna be a bad game. But in a good way.”  To show just how serious it is about this, Dreamlore has even included quotes from detractors on its Kickstarter page regarding the very poorly-received original.

Stalin vs. Martians 3 will pretty much be a clone of Battletech, itself very close to Desert Strike – an action strategy hybrid. This formula will be enlivened by elements of Cannon Fodder, all wrapped up in “incredible weirdness”.  Stalin will be the main character, and controller directly by the player in his walking tank. There will be mini-games.

It “won’t suck ass” this time, Dreamlore promises, because it won’t be developed on the shoestring budget of the original, which was rushed through release due to the economic crisis of the time.

“You must get us right: making a great strategy game wasn’t our goal from day one. The game is not about that. But releasing a beta-version wasn’t our intention,” the team apologised.

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