Final Fantasy X HD Gets Some New Battles,Cutscenes Screenshots

A new batch of screenshots is now available for the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X, the now classic Final Fantasy game releasing in full HD glory early next year on PS3 and PsVita.

The new batch of screenshots is quite big and features screens taken during battles, story sequences, cutscenes and more. There are also a few screenshots taken during a Bliztball match, the extensive minigame featured in the game. You can check out all the screenshots by going at the end of the post.

Final Fantasy X HD is going to be based on the International version of the game, released in Japan and Europe on PS2. The International version features optional boss battles against the Dark Aeons and the super hard secret boss Penance. Included in this version of the game is also a new Sphere Grid that gives players more freedom in customizing their characters.

Final Fantasy X HD is going to be released together with Final Fantasy X-2 HD. X-2 HD is also going to be based on the International version, released only in Japan.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD are going to be released next month in Japan. The Western release is expected sometime during 2014.

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