Diablo III Reaper Of Souls New Trailer Leaked Ahead Of BlizzCon

Blizzard is ready to go all out during the BlizzCon, showing the gaming world what the team has been working on lately. Among the games that will be in the spotlight is the first expansion for Diablo III called Reaper Of Souls.

The new trailer for the expansion which was supposed to be shown during Blizzcon has been leaked online a few hours ago, showcasing some of the new contents that will be introduced by the expansion. You can check out the trailer by going here.

Reaper Of Souls will focus on Malthael, the angel of death, who has obtained the black soulstone. The black soulstone houses the soul of Diablo himself so it’s a truly dangerous artifact.

With Reaper Of Souls, Blizzard will deliver a darker tale, with Malthael acting as a true angel of death, stealing the souls from the people of Sanctuary. The expansion will be set in the city environment of Westmarch which will help making the new story feel darker than usual.

Among the new features included in Reaper Of Souls is the new Crusader class, a holy knight using shield skills as well as a new skill called the Falling Sword which turns the Crusader into a bolt of lightning to strike the enemies down. Added to the game is also a Mystic Artisan.

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls will be released on PC sometime next year. A PS4 version of the expansion has been confirmed some time ago.


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