Rumor: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon To Be Released On Wii U

According to the online retailer Newegg, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be released on Wii U in the near future. Apparently the game should be released at the end of the year, if the listing can be believed.

It’s actually highly unlikely that this port could be released at the end of the year, considering how many games Nintendo is going to release in the upcoming months on both Wii U and 3DS. The December 31st release date is clearly a placeholder date so the game will probably end up being released next year, if it really exists.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has been released a few months ago on Nintendo 3DS. The game is the sequel to the unique Gamecube game Luigi’s Mansion and improves the original game’s formula in a lot of different ways.

Together with multiple mansions to explore, full of treasures to find and ghosts and other monsters to catch, Dark Moon also features an incredibly fun multiplayer mode that can keep gamers engaged for quite a long time.

Since Nintendo has yet to say anything about a possible Wii U release, we must treat all this as an unconfirmed rumor. We’ll keep you updated once the Japanese company will either deny of confirm this rumor.