SimCity Mac Version Installation Issues Solved

Sim City, the latest entry of the simulation series by Maxis and Electronic Arts, has finally become available on Mac. Unfortunately the game had some installation issues that prevented many gamers from enjoying this particular version of the game.

It looks like these issues have been solved and gamers should have no problems installing the game now. We still don’t know if the issues have been truly fixed for everyone so let us know if you have the Mac version and haven’t had any problem installing the game.

The SimCity MAC version isn’t a simple port of the PC game since the game has been optimized for Mac OS. A Core 2 processor. Mac OS X 10.7.5 “Lion” is required to run the game.

EA has also confirmed that SimCity supports cross-platform play between the two versions of the game. This feature also allows gamers to use the cities they have created with the Pc version on the Mac version as well by simply logging into the same server the city has been created on.

SimCity has been released back in March on PC. All those who have bought the game on PC will also receive a copy of the MAC version for free.

Source: VG 247