Rumor: Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Delayed, Now Releasing In 2014

Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, are the first entries of the highly successful role-playing game series that will be receiving an HD remaster. A few trailers have been shown for both games and they really look great in HD glory.

Unfortunately it looks like Final Fantasy enthusiasts will have to wait more than anticipated before being able to play these two games on Ps3 and PsVita.

Apparently, Square Enix has delayed the HD collection and it will be released sometime during 2014. The delay is not yet official: according to some Square Enix reps at PAX Prime the situation could also change but it’s highly unlikely as of now. Many fans already feared that the game would be delayed since all the latest trailer lacked a release date. For more details on the situation, you can check out this Neogaf Forums thread.

Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD are both based on the International releases which feature some added contents: Final Fantasy X International features an Expert Sphere Grid, the Dark Aeons and Penance extra boss battles; Final Fantasy X-2 HD features a new monster raising gameplay element, extra dress spheres and an extra story segment called The Last Mission. Some extra characters usable in battle are also available. This will be the first time that Western players will be able to enjoy the FFX-2 International extra contents in English: the European FFX release was based on the International one.

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  • Fuck my face………….

  • Pissed off ffx fan.

    What the fuck. I knew this bullshit would happen… Seeing as they wouldn’t give us an release date, and just said sometime this “year”.

  • WHAT THE FUCK! I am so pissed off. I already have the game pre-ordered and now we have to wait even longer?! This is unacceptable, get your shit together!

    • Pissed off ffx fan.

      I agree with you… Like fans were already anxious and upset because we had no release date, add insult to injury when they extend the the amount of time we have to wait on top of not having a release date…

      • Exactly!! I first heard about this in 2012. Ever since then they hardly ever let out any news and they keep delaying it! This is getting so old. Sadly I can’t walk away because it’s one of my favorite games of all time so they got me whipped..

        • Good things come to those who wait.
          I have no problem waiting for something aslong as it is done correctly first time.

          • I agree completely. I would wait another 2 years if it meant an even better FFX, plus it would be on the ps4. I am probably the biggest FFX fan, to the point where it would make me happy if someone were to claim to be a bigger one. I never expected to even get anymore FFX so it was like a surprise dream come true for me, take as long as you want!

          • It’s not coming to PS4

          • Would Live in Spira

            That was if it took the hypothetical 2 more years to release, which would also not happen. So I am aware, thanks :/

  • cautiously optimistic

    I’d rather them take their time with it rather than make it a rush job. It’s very clear that they’ve taken the criticisms they’ve heard (mostly about Tidus and Yuna’s face models) to heart and won’t release the game until they’re sure they won’t get too much shit from fans.

  • I pre-ordered this from Amazon at like March of this year. I wouldn’t have pre-ordered it then if I knew it was going to be released an entire FUCKING year from when I first pre-ordered it. Seriously, this isn’t a new game, why the hell is it taking so long?

  • I’m disappointed about Final Fantasy X soundtrack being partially rearranged and the Final Fantasy X-2 left untouched; they should be completely rearranged with live instruments. The original soundtracks used MIDI, and the arranged tracks used live instruments. For the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack, Takahito Eguchi and Noriko Matsueda should be brought on board.

  • Really pissed off at this… but it is just a “rumor” right now. FFX HD and KH 1.5 HD are probably gonna be my last Square Enix purchases unless we get a FF7 HD remake

  • It’s versus all over again and we haven’t even gotten a release date for that yet.

  • Clifford James Boylan Windass

    its a load of crap because square enix were the ones that it was confirmed to be released before the end of 2013 and they would not of said anything like that only a couple of weeks after gamescom as well where they showed previews of the game in HD so its only a rumor which is more than a false rumor so people do not get upset i still thing it will be out before xmas this year

    • I really hope so. I mean they did also have rumors it was coming out on October 15th before. I saw that article. I just hope they make an official announcement soon and not keep us on the leash.

    • Clifford James Boylan Windass

      I still think it could be that date if so we should have a release date by the end of September

  • If this were true, where is the proof? The major gaming sites like IGN or Gamespot haven’t covered this. Until there is an official statement or press release from Square-Enix, I’ll believe this with a grain of salt.

  • That’s really disappointing. I actually brought it up over the weekend at a local Gamestop, and they were the ones who first brought up the notion about a potential 2014 release. Square is obviously banking on its Kingdom Hearts re-release and the FF XIV release to hold the ground through the end of 2013.

  • Tokyo Gameshow is in 2 weeks time. I imagine they will confirm or deny the rumours then.