Fable Legends supports single-player, is only Fable in development

Although it still requires an always-on Internet connection,  you’ll be able to play Fable Legends solo if you wish to do so.  In an FAQ on the Lionhead Studios forums, the developer confirmed anti-social types can go it alone if need be. “In Fable Legends, you can enjoy all of the game’s content in a single player experience,” it wrote.

“You can play with other people in a four-player cooperative experience. Your party could be all human players, or a mix of players and AI-controlled Heroes. You can switch easily between single player and multiplayer styles of play whenever you decide, or when a friend signs on. During a quest, you can elect to battle a human or an AI Villain.

“As a Villain, you can challenge parties of human players, AI opponents, or mixed groups.”

The FAQ goes on to confirm Kinect support for mini-games and villain voice commands, announce hero customisation, and list a few possible heroes: “Fearless warriors. Cunning tricksters. Masters of Will. Paragons of virtue. Heartless mercenaries. Intoxicated brawlers. Chicken chasers.”

The developer denied that Fable Legends is Fable 4, or that a numbered sequel is inbound.

“Fable Legends is being made with the Fable spirit firmly in mind. However, this is not a continuation of the previous Fable games, especially when it comes to the chronology. It’s a brand new series of adventures at the dawn of an age of Heroes.