Camelot Unchained update details Cait Sith race

An update for Kickstarter-funded massively multiplayer online role-playing game Camelot Unchained sheds light on the mythology behind “another possible Arthurian race,” the Cait Sith.

According to the update, City State Entertainment does not want Cait Sith to “be like Thundercats” or anthropomorphic cats; the race also needs to be “badass” and have a unique society. Additionally, the Cait Sith must be tied into Arthurian legends in a way that reflects “both popular local opinion (fear) and the concept of Arthur as a unifying force within his realm.”

The update also includes a lengthy legend of how the Cait Sith eventually grew in intellect and became a sentient, powerful race.  “Personally, I’ve always been a fan of cat-based races (one of my early MUDs had a cat-based race called Prendorians) whether they are the Thundercats, Kzinti and many others. So, naturally the thought of adding a cat-like race appeals to me. Cats have, of course, played a prominent role in many diverse and geographically distinct societies over the course of human history,” the update read

“In Scotland, the Cait Sith were feared (as well as placated if one was seeking aid) by local residents. They seem to me to be the perfect addition to the ranks of the Arthurians as one possible “legendary” race.”  The game is expected to launch for Windows PC in 2015.