Platinum Games Talks About Bayonetta II In A New Interview

Platinum Games is one of the few teams that’s supporting the Wii U console with a few exclusive titles. The Wonderful 101 will be released soon and the team is also working on Bayonetta II, which will be released later next year exclusive on Nintendo’s home console.

Gamasutra has been able to talk with the team recently, touching a variety of subjects as well as talking about the upcoming Bayonetta II.

When asked about how Nintendo feels about the game, Director Yusuke Hashimoto and producer Atsushi Inaba feels almost like working with a very critical gamer that can give good advice on the game. Due to Nintendo’s approach towards gaming in general, Platinum games has to work much harder to create a fast, responsive and quick action game: there’s no way for them to cover a lack of good gameplay with cutscenes and pretty graphics so they really have to push themselves to create the best game possible.

Platinum games also feels like they have something to prove with Bayonetta II, being the first sequel they’re developing:

YH: Tthis time we want to prove ourselves in the sense that we want to show we can make something even better than the original. We’re known for making original titles — this is our first sequel. In that sense, there’s still a lot to prove. We want to achieve something greater than the original in many ways.

AI: When Platinum Games was first established, we were working on a number of titles. But, in particular, Bayonetta was the first major title, and we felt like we had to put a lot into it — so much so that we felt like the future of the company depended on the title. So in that sense, everybody in the company had a strong feeling of value placed in that title, so in that sense it was a very, very critical title.This time around, with Bayonetta 2, we have to increase the bar. So in the same way, not so much in establishing our reputation around this title, but establishing where we can take the company — and in that sense, again, it’s just as critical as the original.

Source: Gamasutra