Electronic Arts Reports Massive Uptick in Digital Sales

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That time has finally come, it seems, that time when digital distribution completely eclipses physical distribution in gaming, just like it has in just about every other medium in the entertainment world. If Electronic Arts and their Q1 financial results have anything to say about digital distribution it is not just some fad or marketing ploy, but it is an incredibly real thing which is going to soon become a standard. How much so? $482 million in revenue this quarter alone real. That number is Electronic Arts’ digital sales for the quarter, which is up from the same period last year where it was $342 million.

Now, since it is Electronic Arts, you do have to ask how much of that was from DLC, and the answer is $177 million. That is a lot of money, but that is still a lot of actual games being sold digitally, as well. Full downloads on the PC accounted for $37 million. Now, what you are all wondering is how were sales of physical, disc-based games? Those sales were down to $452 million, which is down from $592 million last year.

What does it all mean, though? It means that there has been a decline in physical game sales and an increase in digital sales across the board, from full games on PC and consoles as well as DLC.