Cerny: PS4 Will Improve World Simulation Quality Without Graphical Hit

PlayStation 4 games that are released in both 2013 and 2014 will not take advantage of every aspect of the system’s new architecture, in fact, it may take several years before we see developers max out the system’s capabilities.  Just look at the Last of Us, it’s probably one of the most technically proficient PS3 games we’ve gotten, and that came 8 years into the consoles lifecycle.  Sony has given developers the opportunity to really push the boundaries of gaming, and according to PS4 architect Mark Cerny, game creators will be able to improve the simulation of virtual worlds without sacrificing graphics.

“If you look at a frame and everything that’s being done in that frame, a lot of faces within that frame don’t really use all the various modules in the GPU,”Cerny told IGN in an extended interview. “So, most likely, three or four years in, once you’ve taken time to study the architecture, you can improve the quality of the world simulation without decreasing the quality of the graphics.”

The new power of the PlayStation 4 hardware will be able to maintain a specific level of quality no matter the increase in game scope, and that’s a pretty staggering thought.  Look out for the PS4 later this year.