Killer Is Dead Gets Yet Another New Batch Of Screenshots

Grasshopper Manufacture is really focused on promoting the upcoming Killer Is Dead, the latest game developed by Suda51: not a week passes without some new screenshots becoming available. The new screenshots that you can see by going at the end of this post showcase Mondo with some of his Mondo Girls, some action sequences as well as parts of the game’s interface.

Killer is Dead is going to be a really interesting game: Mondo Zappa will have to travel all over the world to take down the most dangerous criminal and killers. Suda 51 has stated many times that the game will be a mix of all his previous projects: the fact that Mondo Zappa is going after some crazy killers will probably make gamers think about No More Heroes. Just like in that game, the boss battles in Killer Is Dead are going to be unique and bloody affairs: Mondo Zappa will have to use his full arsenal to be able to dispose of these dangerous foes.

Killer Is Dead is going to be released on August 1st in Japan and on August 27th in North America on Ps3 and Xbox 360. More news on the European release will be coming soon so stay tuned for more.

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