Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Ps3 Patch Now Available In EU

Some time ago we have reported that Konami was working on a patch for the Ps3 version of Zone Of The Enders HD Collection. The collection included the two Zone Of The Enders games that have been released exclusively on Ps2 during the previous console generation.

Unfortunately the Ps3 version of the collection suffered from quite a few problems: Hideo Kojima himself acknowledged that the transition from 30 to 60 FPS in HD didn’t go as expected, with the frame rate being unstable and some special effects not showing properly.

Konami announced a couple of months ago that the Ps3 patch for the Zone Of The Enders HD Collection would be getting released late in July: however the patch is now available in Europe. Starting the game on a console with an active internet connection is all you’ll have to do to be able to download the new 594 MB update: a couple reports state that Zone Of The Enders 2 now runs smoothly so it looks like all the issues that plagued the collection have been resolved.

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection is now available for Ps3 and Xbox 360: the Xbox 360 version doesn’t suffer from any of the problems that afflicted the Ps3 version.