Rumor: Mighty Switch Force! 2 Coming On Wii U

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is an interesting puzzle-platform game currently available on Nintendo 3DS. The game, developed by WayForward Technologies, features main character Patricia Wagon, now a firefighter, as she tries to rescue the reformed Hoolingan Sisters from the fires. With Patrica’s unique abilities, players will be able to push blocks in and out of the foreground to rescue the Sisters and reach the end of the stage in the quickest way possible: there are quite a few types of blocks that behave differently like the Mud Block, which dissolves when hit by water, adding variety to the puzzles found in each stage. Patricia is also armed with a special weapon that shoots water, allowing players to put out fires and defeat enemies.

According to a rating found on the European PEGI site, Mighty Switch Force! 2 is going to be released on Wii U soon: the game has been rated for the Nintendo home console and was supposed to be released last week. Obviously, the game is not out on Wii U right now: more news will definitely come soon.

You can check out the PEGI Official Site with the Wii U Mighty Switch Force! 2 rating by going here: the Wii U version rating is the first result when searching for the game on the site.