Superfrog HD Coming On Ps3 And PsVita On July 31st

Team 17 has finally revealed a final release date for the HD remake of the classic Amiga platform game Superfrog. The game was previously scheduled for a generic Summer release.

European Ps3 and PsVita owners will be able to get the game from July 31st: releasing as a digital only title, Superfrog HD will be costing £6.49/€7.99.

The 24 stages of the original Amiga release have been tweaked for the HD remake: the team stated that the game hasn’t been made easier but just fairer, since most of the players who have played the original have found the game to be sometimes too hard. Also, there won’t be any need for players to collect coins to open the stage’s exit. If you want to play the original stages you’ll be able to do so by unlocking them between stages.

The Ps3 and PsVita versions of the game will also come with a few exclusive features: a cross buy functionality has been confirmed, as well as a Cross Controller feature which allows players to use the PsVita as a second screen for the game. The map shown on the PsVita will help players accessing some special hidden areas only found in these versions of the game. Another exclusive feature will be a level editor mode, allowing players to create their own stages.