The Wonderful 101 Won’t Receive Any DLC Pack

The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games’ exclusive Wii U game, will not be receiving any extra DLC after the game launches. Hideki Kamiya has revealed that the game won’t be needing any DLC since Platinum Games is putting everything they wanted to include in the game. This is good news for all players who hate having to buy DLCs to experience everything a game has to offer.

The Wonderful 101, formerly known as Project P-100, is a “mass-hero action” game currently in development for Wii U. Directed by Hideki Kamiya and handled by Platinum games, it’s going to be one of the most unusual Wii U releases

The Wonderful 101 gameplay experience revolves around the player controlling a large group of super heroes out to do their job fighting off an alien invasion. By using the Gamepad, players will be command the super heroes to combine into various forms which can be used to fight off the enemies and interact with the environment. This game is truly going to make the best use out of the Wii U unique features. The Wonderful 101 is also going to be a quite lengthy game, with the main campaign lasting over 20 hours.

The Wonderful 101 will launch in August exclusively on Wii U.

Source: VG 247