Xbox One Will Not Include a Bundled Headset

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As much as the included Xbox Communicator is kind of a piece of trash, it was still a vital tool in making the Xbox 360’s online experience with Xbox Live that much more engaging and made it a success. Anyone who has gamed on Xbox Live has probably at one time or another put on the awkward, cheap headset that is included with the system and listened in horror while kids were shouting curse words and while some poor guy is just trying to get help at an objective.

Apparently Microsoft has nixed including the rather inexpensive Xbox Communicator with the upcoming Xbox One for one reason or another. I could see them thinking that using the Kinect will suffice, but if you’ve owned a Kinect on Xbox 360 and left it on while gaming online, you’ll know that it pretty much just broadcasts whatever is coming through your speakers to everyone else and is rather obnoxious. If not, I wonder why the Xbox One won’t include a headset, as these headsets are rather inexpensive and an easy way to keep fans happy.

Just another Xbox One bungle, or are they correct in assuming that the Kinect will work as intended?