Bungie Releases HD Version of the E3 Destiny Gameplay Footage

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I still stand by the fact that Bungie’s Destiny was one of the coolest games that we got to see at E3, probably one of the more exciting things to be happening for console games in the near future. We have some pretty sweet spaced-out MMOs on the PC and all, but console players have yet to really be able to get that full experience and a game like Destiny is promising to provide that as well as add that Bungie magic and charm as well.

If you were a fan of the E3 presentation, but not how it was kind of pixelated because of how live streams never seem to work out as well as we’d like, then you’ll be pretty excited about today, as Bungie has released the E3 gameplay demo video of Destiny in HD on their YouTube channel. You’ll probably notice that the footage is pretty similar, with only a few real differences here and there. There is a little bit more footage shown near the end of the video, which is kind of cool to see. The strangest part is that there are different voices dubbed over the whole thing and that they sound kind of bored, but you’ll get over it, it is Destiny, after all.