Nintendo: Software and Hardware Work in Perfect Harmony

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A lot of people have been criticizing Nintendo’s poor sales, with some saying that they need to just focus on producing games and not hardware. Nintendo feels the opposite though, they believe that there software and hardware work perfectly hand in hand. Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta has said there’s a very solid reason Nintendo stays in the hardware business, instead of becoming a third-party software maker.

Speaking with Shack, Scibetta said the firm’s “hardware and software work in perfect harmony.” “That’s why we’re still in the hardware business, because we think our hardware is the best way to bring software to life,” he said. “It’s tuned perfectly for that. When Mario bounces from mushroom to mushroom, it feels so responsive because the software has been tuned especially for that hardware.”

“For Nintendo, having the second screen built right into the hardware means there’s no learning cure, no lag, no technology curve to try and figure out how to use it,” Scibetta said. “When you talk about other companies utilizing a second screen, for us we wanted to have it built right in, that ensures that the software comes to life the way it was intended to be by the designer.”