PlayStation 4’s Price Thanks to Decision to Not Include Camera

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Sometimes in the name of competition there has to be some sacrifices made to ensure that prices can be kept lower, which is exactly what happened with the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One will launch at a retail price point of $499, which is exactly $100 more than Sony’s launch price for the PlayStation 4 at $399. There has been a lot of speculation as to why the PlayStation 4 will be that much cheaper, with many believing that Sony’s choice of not including their own motion control camera was what helped them to save money in the end.

It turns out that it might actually be true, as this report from IGN talks about how the decision to not include the motion control camera is what allowed for Sony to be able to launch the PlayStation 4 at $399 as opposed to $499. The price point will be key to competing against Microsoft’s Xbox One this year and next year, as many gamers have spoken out about how little they care about the Kinect sensor and how they like the $399 price point better than shelling out $100 for a non-optional peripheral.