Puppeteer Rehearsal Version Coming On PSN This Week

Puppeteer is a platform game currently in development by SCE Japan Studio, coming on Ps3 this September. The game will be playable in both traditional 2D and 3D. The game’s producer Gavin Moore has stated that the game plays better in 3D since the team has been developing a new camera system which will give players the best experience possible. The team is also working hard in making the game run in a steady frame rate.

The player controls a boy named Kutaro who has been turned into a puppet and gets his head torn off. With his magical scissors called Calibrus, Kutaro will be able to attack enemies, cut objects in the background and more. The game will also feature a unique control scheme, with a special use of the analogue sticks.

If you’re interested in the game, a Puppeteer special version called Rehearsal Version will be available for download on the Japanese PSN this Thurdsday: the Rehearsal Version will serve as an introduction to the game’s world. Players will also be able to try out the core gameplay by cutting a path with the Calibrus Scissors.

Puppeteer will launch exclusively on Ps3 this September.

Source: Siliconera