Top 5 Fireworks in Video Games

For anyone who missed their display yesterday or needs some visuals to go with the popping of dysfunctional fireworks from yesterday, here is a list of the top five fireworks displays in video games! It was only a matter of time before this article appeared on the site.

5. Final Fantasy 13

Although Final Fantasy may not be one of the best games, it does feature ridiculously pretty fireworks. The fireworks apparently have a wish-granting property (according to rumor, anyways). Snow proposes to his girl and the rest of the scene is spent flying around the dome of fireworks and showing off the lighting effects of its graphics engine to the tune of the theme song.

4. Pikmin

If you have four or more Pikmin, you can unlock this little easter egg. Go near an onion and press up on the D pad (for Gamecubes) or 2 on the Wiimote. The Pikmin will lift Olimar up and deliver him to the onion. After bouncing off, Olimar will fall down and tiny fireworks will burst out of the onion. Although the fireworks don’t serve any purpose in the game, they’re certainly the cutest form of plant defense, if a little impractical.

3. Assassin’s Creed II

Marco Barbarigo was one of the smarter assassination targets in Assassin’s Creed II—he rarely went into public, and when he did, his security was tight. The only chance to see him was during Carnevale—and even then, he perched on a boat across a river while giving his speech. Luckily, Ezio receives a gun before this, so he could shoot Marco from the shore. The gunshot was hidden by Carnevale fireworks—and they look magnificent if you used the roof to approach the party.

2. Super Mario Bros

Anyone who has played this game remembers the fireworks that could appear at the end of every level. They aren’t related to score or speed or coins at all—but instead whatever is on the end of your timer. A score ending in 1 will get you one firework, a score ending in 3 will get you three fireworks, and a score ending in 6 will get you six fireworks. It might be a little tricky timing your jump onto the flagpole, but those few seconds of pixel explosions are worth it (seeing as you probably won’t be getting a princess anytime soon).

1. Animal Crossing

On the Gamecube version, this festival happens only once a year—in real time—so it’s very easy to miss, especially if you’re busy on the Fourth of July. Fireworks start up, reflected in the river running through your town, and Redd sets up a balloon shop with several balloons to pick from during the festival. If you are playing on the Wii, there are multiple fireworks showings during the Summer, and the mayor even gives you some sprinklers. Enjoying the show is still a rare occurrence, though, so enjoy it if you happen upon one!

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