Top 5 DLCs I’d Like to See in Bioshock Infinite

If you picked up the Bioshock: Infinite season pass, you know that we have been promised “new stories, new characters, and new weapons,” but none of the specifics of these additions have been clarified.  Well, I”m going to give you my own personal wish list, and maybe you can throw out some of yours as well!

5)  New Weapons (and Vigors)

Bioshock: Infinite had a bevy of weapons (machine guns, handguns, pistols), but who doesn’t want more?  How cool would it be to have a magnum?  A heat seeker missile?  A nuke launcher?  The sky’s the limit here!

And although we got some awesome vigors, I’d like to see some more.  We’ve already got detonating traps, but could we put those in the air?   Honestly, I can’t think of many other vigors, but can you guys think of anything?

4) New Locations

Although Booker explored many different locations in Columbia, there’s still many different places he could explore.  And how about being given the chance to explore a bit more of Rapture?

And wouldn’t it be sweet to check out different eras of time?  How about visiting the 1930’s?  40’s?  Present Day?

3) More uses for Elizabeth’s Powers

It may be unoriginal, but who wouldn’t want the ability to throw enemies into alternate dimensions, or to have Elizabeth create tears as fast travels?  Or perhaps use them to shift instantly on battlegounds?

2) New Characters

Considering that Bioshock: Infinite doesn’t have mutiplayer, we can be assured that the promise of a few new characters must be integral to the storyline of the gaeme. Will these be side characters?  Will they be related to Booker or Elizabeth?  Will we play as them, or will we only meet them? I’d prefer to be given the chance to see Columbia through their eyes.  Speaking of other stories…

1) New Stories

I play games for stories, so this feature is the most exciting of all for me.  As said, I’d love to see Columbia through others eyes.  Will we have the chance to play as one of the Vox Populi?  Will we see through the eyes of Fitzroy?  How about some side-stories for the Lutece twins?  Anything that could help me understand more about the world and society of Columbia is good in my book.


How about you guys?  Do you have any DLC wishes?  Let me know in the comments below!

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