Top 5 Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is on the horizon, and if you’re stuck trying to figure out what to get a gamer friend or relative, fear no more. Here are several games, all between $15-30 new, that could brighten up someone’s Christmas.


5) Skyrim

If someone doesn’t have Skyrim by now, they’re missing out and know it. Skyrim is on sale wherever you find it, mostly because it’s raking in cash from its DLC now, rather than its regular sales. If you have an option about which console to get it for, choose either the XBOX 360 or the PC. The XBOX 360 has access to all of the DLC right away, while the PC has access to plenty of beautiful mods and extra content (not to mention, you can get it off of Steam). Skyrim has enough hours of gameplay to keep them occupied for the whole year, so this is one of the best stocking stuffer choices, in the event you know someone that doesn’t have it.


4) Gravity Rush

Sound Shapes is great and all, but if you know someone with a Vita that doesn’t have Gravity Rush, be sure to get it. You can get it pretty cheap on Amazon, and with minimal tinkering, you can get used games to give you trophies on your own Vita. Gravity Rush excels in being a game that’s fun to play, even without a goal. As long as your giftee is older than ten, or at least wise enough to figure out its gravity-independent camera controls, then Gravity Rush is the best game you can get someone with a Vita.


3) The Walking Dead

There’s a reason this game won Game of the Year—it has a compelling story that keeps you going all throughout its episodes. With strong writing and acting that keeps you focused, the Walking Dead is an impressive adventure game that will have you so attached, you’ll probably end up crying by the end of it. Don’t tell your giftee that, though.


2) Journey/flOw/Flower PS3 Pack

Regrettably, this pack is only available for the PS3, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a huge deal and beautiful set of games. For someone who may not be a ‘hardcore’ gamer, or just someone who wants an experience rather than a straight shoot-em-up game, this pack is sure to help them relax on Christmas day and form some fond memories.


1) Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts is an interesting game, and can bring out the 5 year old in all of us. In example, there is no better way to light a campire than a laser-shooting rocket pterodactyl. Finding up alternative solutions to its puzzles of varying difficult is a rewarding experience, and finding words that they don’t have is a real challenge (so far, poignant is the only adjective I’ve found missing—although technically it might be a foreign word). If its library of words is too small for you, there’s always the Steam Workshop, where you can download things like Arcanine, Super Sanic, and the Tenth Doctor to go with your game (all of them are free). The Wii U also has some exclusive Nintendo content. Just don’t try downloading the portal gun, whatever you do.

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