Weekly News Roundup – DEC 22 2012

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Finally, the holiday season is really kicking into gear! If you’re lucky enough to snag a vacation, there’s plenty of games to play or to buy as gifts for a lucky someone. The Steam Winter Sale and Humble Indie Bundle should help those of you with a low wallet find something affordable AND fun for a friend. There’s also plenty of nice media, including an impressive montage of some of 2012’s best games and a cinematic of the best way to money grind in Ocarina of Time.

A lot has happened over the past week, and the debate about violence in video games, gun control, and psychological support has intensified following the Sandy Hook incident. Again, everyone at Explosion gives their heartfelt support to those affected by the tragic shooting.

Whatever your religious beliefs happen to be this season (Christian, Jewish, Pastafarian, etc.), make sure to have some fun! I will personally be enjoying some Saturnalia treats and finishing up my redstone Greensleeves melody on my Minecraft server before the 25th rolls around!

2012 In Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes
Freddiew : Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher
Save the Date! – Marriage announcement in the form of a game.
Cortana: A Holographic Mosaic
Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.1
Dark Souls II Concept Art Surfaces
Montana’s Governor Schweitzer Blames Violent Video Games for School Massacre
ECA Responds to NRA Blaming Sandy Hook on Video Games
Humble Indie Bundle 7 Now Live
Steam Winter Sale Begins
Capcom Releases Dante’s Crimson-stoned Pendant

Game News & Rumors:
Godus Can be Played Offline
Sound Shapes Releases Free Holiday Sound Pack
Bankruptcy Filing Reveals 4 New THQ Games
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Gets Release Date
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Now Available for Android Devices
Chaos Chronicles Trailer
First Few Minutes of Bioshock Infinite
Bully, Midnight Club 3, and Red Dead Redemption Available on PSN for $9.99 Each
The War Z Removed from Steam Store
Itoi Announces New MOTHER Developments
New FF14 Gameplay
Alternative Metal Gear Solid 5 (The Phantom Pain) Trailer
Lightning Returns – FF13 Extended Debut Trailer
Survivor Zero Releases First Trailer
Battlefield 3 – End Game Trailer
Unabashed Rumor: Majora’s Mask Fans Will See a 3DS Release

Development & Interviews:
Square Enix Confirms Layoff Rumors
Deadspace 3 Devblog: Dead Space, Dementia, and Punishing Heroes
Day Z Creator Comments on War Z Controversy
Capcom Europe’s COO Steps Down
GameSpy Blames Publishers for Old PC Games Losing Support
Reset – Atmosphere Tech WIP Demo
Interview with Ryan Dancey about Pathfinder Online
THQ Files For Bankruptcy
Ubisoft Wants to Buy THQ
NYT Profile of Activision CEO Bobby Kotick

New Game Releases:
Avatar Karting 2 | XBOX360
Bit.Trip Void | PC
Castle Dracula | PC
Deep Eclipse | PC
Dino Storm | PC
Field Goal Contest | XBOX360
Fluidity: Spin Cycle | 3DS
Final Fantasy II | Android
Final Fantasy IV | iPhone
Final Fantasy Dimensions | Android
Goooooal Europa 2012 | DS
Johnny Impossible | 3DS
Motto! Shunkan Jump Kentei | DS
Prize Drive | XBOX360
Shadows on the Vatican – Act II: Wrath | PC
Wizard Defenders | DS
Zombie Driver HD | PC

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