Black Friday Survival Guide Pt. 2: Top 5 Video Game Shopkeepers

In part one of our crucial, informative and life-saving guide, we showed you how video games can influence how to make money in real life. Now that you’ve gathered your pennies, the next step is assessing who to buy from. Who can you trust to bring you the hottest, cheapest deals?

Here we are at gaming’s top five shopkeepers! We’ll also be deciding whether or not they’re earnest entrepreneurs venal vendors. Look out for these businessman while shopping, and use our guide to find out whether to seek or avoid them!

#5: Moneybags

First Appearance: Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!

Moneybags is the greedy, upper-class bear who constantly takes over-charged sums of money from scaly scalliwag Spyro. With the fate of the Dragon Realm in the balance, Moneybags is a ruthless businessman.

You might consider him somewhat villainous considering he forces Spyro to cough up his hard-earned gems in order to access areas or gain new skills while the dragon race is faced with danger. If you see this character near a Walmart entrance, don’t let him charge you for access.

Verdict: Distrust


#4: Drebin

First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Initially, you might consider a man who wants to inject you with a syringe briefly after he greets you an instant distrust. However, he’s simply transmitting nanomachines into your bloodstream simply to give you the ability to operate any gun he sells. And who knows, you may need an M4 in the middle of the Black Friday battlefield.

Drebin is an invaluable asset to Solid Snake, providing weapons, background information on the Beauty bosses and even helping him escape with his life. That OctoCamo tank of his may rescue you too from the bartering customers desperate to grab that Wii U you bought. Also, he has a pet monkey that likes to drink soda, so, there’s that.

Verdict: Trust


#3: Beedle

First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

“OHHH!” exclaims Beedle upon entering his store. “Thank you!” he delights after selling you an item. He even offers Link discounts after accumulating enough “shop points”. What a pleasant, welcoming gentleman!


While he is a polite young man who values his customers in the world of The Wind Waker, his ancestor in Skyward Sword appears to be a less friendly chap. Instead of a boat, Beedle the 1st (as we shall call him) instead operates a floating shop powered by his constant pedalling. If you decide not to buy anything or don’t enough rupees after browsing his wares, he will angrily open the trapdoor and send Link tumbling to the ground, berating him of wasting his extra effort to keep the shop afloat.

Well excuuuse me, Princess.

Verdict: Distrust


#2: Tom Nook

First Appearance: Animal Crossing

Like an apron-wearing Tony Montana, Tom Nook slowly expands himself from rookie tanooki to booming raccoon. While he begins with a small shack of products, with every purchase you are helping him expand into the huge Nookington’s megastore!

Despite his smug demeanour and financial empowerment, Nook is a resourceful raccoon. He will provide you a house and a job, as well as every tool or piece of furniture imaginable.

Verdict: Trust


#1: The Merchant

First Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Like Beedle, RE4’s merchant has a number of memorable phrases during business.  “What’re ya buyin’?”, “Got some rare things on sale, stranger!”, “Heh heh heh heh… thank you!”. Already his appearance and his voice make him an unforgettable character, but his selection and upgrades of guns push him all the way to number one.

A highly mysterious figure, his identity and the reason for his presence in the Plagas-infested rural village is entirely unknown. His determination to sell even under extremely dangerous circumstances is very commendable. Even if you shoot him in the face, he’ll somehow appear again later and set up shop, as though he came back to life and is now pretending nothing happened. Now that’s a reliable trader.

Verdict: Trust

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