Dumb Or Genius? 27 Times Laziness Led To Invention.

Lazy people are looked down upon as unproductive members of society who will never amount to anything. What people who think that way fail to realize is that laziness can be quite useful.

More often than we’d like to admit laziness can develop the imagination and stimulate progress. Many inventions have been made in order to make a certain task easier to perform, or in other words to be done in a lazy way.

However, not all laziness-inspired inventions are brilliant even if they might seem that way. And here are some of the best and the worst homemade inventions we were able to find.

You be the judge if these people are on to something with the solutions to their problems or are just plain old lazy.



1. When you do not want to wash the cup


2. Why repair the wall, if you can just hang a frame


3. From plunger to beach drink holder.


4. Staying hydrated and sunbathing without moving an inch


5. When you get snowed in, have a party.


6. Bathroom shelf hack 


7. Making a broken screen on the phone look cool.


8. Plunger bus holder


9. Wipe on, wipe off


10. Why spend money on faucet handles?


11. Mirrors are so outdated. 


12. No corkscrew, no problem. Just find a lady in high heels. 


13. The right way to eat a watermelon 


14. Replacing the side mirror on your car can be easy and cheap. 


15. The resourceful diligent student 


16. Keeping your phone dry while biking 


17. Why he brought the ladder to the beach…


18. Keep safe


19. Hotels aren’t the only facilities with balcony pools.


20. Cooling off faster


21. Other uses for a selfie stick 


22. The one time you want hair over your eyes.


23. When it works, it works


24. Watching on the phone hands-free.  


25. No need to cancel the BBQ when it starts to rain 


26. Be honest: We’ve all wanted to do this at least once in summer.

27. When the cooler stops working. 


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