Illustrator Shares Fun Moments From A Loving Relationship

Every couple has their own way of living their lives, finding common ground, sharing interests and coping with each others good and bad sides.

It’s what being in a relationship or marriage is all about.

Illustrator and comic book artist Yehuda Adi Devir has taken his married life to a whole new level. You see Yehuda has created quite a stir on social media by creating controversial comics about his relationship with his wife, Maya.

He draws the most mundane things he and his wife are faced with in the cutest way possible. Both sides are either praised or ridiculed, in a funny and relatable way, making it hard not to like these illustrations.

Take a look at part of his ever growing collection and make sure to check out his site.


1.  Going To The Beach


2. Taking A Selfie 


3. Riding The Bus


4. Choosing Costumes For Purim


5. Wishing A Happy Passover 


6. The Happy Hanukkah Payback


7. Travel Pillow


8. Cold Feet


9. Ready For A Winter Walk 


10. (Too) Hot Shower


11. After watching WWE


12. Happy Valentine’s Day?


13. Thoughts While Shaving 


14. The Jog In The Park


15. Beach Body


16. The Proposal 


17. Moving House 


18. Searching For A New Home


19. Assembling IKEA 


20. After Watching John Wick 2


21. Almost Ready


22. The Bachelorette  Party 


23. Washing Dishes 


24. Killing Bugs


25. Fun At The Scale 


26. The Trainer 

27. LOVE

28. Watching Logan


29. After Hours Company 


30. Getting Up In The Morning 


31. Winter Coat


32. Waxing 

33. Relaxing Comfort 


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