Watch How The Human’s Face Transforms As This Man Took One Photo Each Day for 16 Years. Incredible!

One-selfie-per-day projects are cool if you can last for a week or a month. I’ve seen many of these people who want to show some change on their face taking a photo for a week.

Nothing changes.

When you compare all those people to this man who took a photo of his face every single day for 16 years they look ridiculous.

Yes, you heard it right. 16 years in just one minute look like that. His incredible transformations day-by-day are vividly shown in one short video.


You can’t notice things like this because you are watching yourself in the mirror everyday and you just can’t tell when you are going older.

Doing something like this shows some things.

Did you get the feeling that you’ve spent the last 16 years with this guy?


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