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Destiny: Lack of a Raid for House of Wolves DLC is Huge Disappointment


Bungie recently revealed that the next downloadable content expansion for the online, first-person shooter, Destiny, will not have any type of Raid content. This was pretty huge news because everyone was expecting a new Raid to go along with the DLC. There was a Raid mission for the core game and then the later DLC expansion, Crota’s End. Considering that Bungie has had to battle so many criticisms about the lack of content for the game at launch, the news is a huge disappointment.

While the Raid for House of Wolves has been jettisoned, Bungie will replace it with a new end game activity called The Prison of Elders. Details on this new activity are incredibly slim, and it is problematic that Bungie has not been more outspoken about The Prison of Elders content. All Bungie has revealed is that The Prison of Elders is a new three-player, cooperative multiplayer battle arena. In short, it sounds like a The Prison of Elders is some sort of Strike mission that will have its own dedicated arena map. However, it does not seem that it will make up for the lack of a Raid. Apparently, The Prison of Elders is meant to focus on variety, replay ability and skill. That does not sound too amazing, but I am willing to give the content a chance. Battle arenas in Destiny could definitely use more variety. I want to believe Bungie when a term like that gets thrown around, but the execution remains to be seen.

The lack of a Raid mission for House of Wolves indicates a possibility that something went wrong. Bungie has had plenty of time and money to make improvements and make the Raid. Essentially months transpired between Crota’s End and House of Wolves. Bungie claimed the decision to jettison the Raid mission for House of Wolves was not taken lightly. If that is the case, Bungie should be more upfront about what happened with the Raid that was thrown out.

Since Bungie has eschewed a Raid for House of Wolves, hopefully the higher level weapons will be easier to obtain. The loot drops for the previous Raid missions have been abysmal. The track for players to obtain the higher level gear for House of Wolves should not be as downright nasty as it currently is for Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. Hopefully, Bungie is taking those criticisms into account. The ability to obtain better gear for House of Wolves would go a long way in assuaging my concerns over the lack of Raid content for the new DLC.

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion is due out on May 19. The expansion will be available for digital download for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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