Silent Hills Canellation: A Tragic Mistake

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Silent Hills

It was not a huge surprise when game developer and publisher Konami announced the cancellation of the now defunct Silent Hill video game franchise reboot, Silent Hills. This project excited many fans across the globe due to the involvement of Kojima Productions. Metal Gear Solid franchise creator Hideo Kojima was attached as a developer. In addition, acclaimed writer-director Guillermo del Toro was attached to work on the game alongside Kojima. Actor and star of The Walking Dead TV series, Norman Reedus was slated to play the lead character. The game project has been tragically discontinued by Konami. The death of the project is a huge mistake.

The mystery surrounding the falling out between Kojima Productions and Konami is extremely frustrating . Both sides have been absolutely silent about what took place. This is complete speculation, but part of it may be that Kojima wants to be done with Metal Gear Solid after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since Metal Gear Solid is a big cash cow for Konami, it makes sense that Konami, as a publisher, would want future installments. However, no one really knows what happened.

The Silent Hills reboot looked very exciting. Last year, a special Playable Teaser was released as a demo for the game. Even as a “playable teaser,” the demo was rather ingenious in its simplicity. It was loaded with secrets and little interactive moments to look for. The demo was very terrifying and creepy. There were some very unsettling moments. A whole game like that could have been an amazing masterpiece. Unfortunately, gamers will never know the true potential of what the Silent Hills reboot could have been. That is a tragic occurrence for the video game industry.

As a franchise, Silent Hill really needed a boost and a shot in the arm. It appeared that Kojima and Del Toro took a step in the right direction. It seemed like they both had some great ideas planned and could have made an amazing, modern masterpiece. Unfortunately, it seems that the attachment of Guillermo del Toro to any video game project is almost like a kiss of death. In 2010, he announced his involvement with a video game project called Insane. That project looked interesting; yet it was also cancelled and never saw the light of day. Guillermo del Toro is an excellent creative mind. However, Del Toro gets involved with quite a few projects that tend to dissolve and fizzle out. Silent Hills has become another casualty to that eerie notion.

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