Street Fighting On The Streets with Street Fighter X Tekken

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In the wake of the recent Street Fighter X Tekken news, Capcom have given out some more facts about the game, which looks as though it may well be one of the best portable fighters about, never mind the best fighter on the Vita. Speaking about the game Capcom had this to say:

The long awaited clash between the two leaders in the fighting genre can now be played at home… AND on the go! S otnre tehte F PiglahytSetra™tio nX Tekken™ ®Vita expands on the action-packed console experience, delivering competitive co-op fun that players of all skill levels can enjoy. With the full roster of 55 playable characters and new exclusive features, Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation®Vita is packed with tons of content and boasts one of the most robust character line-ups in fighting game history. For those who purchase the PlayStation®Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken this October, the first run of all retail copies will come with two free download codes: one code will be for the additional 12 characters and the second will give Vita players free alternate costumes for the core roster of 38 characters. Playing at home or on the streets, PS Vita and PlayStation®3 Cross-Play lets Street Fighter X Tekken players compete anytime, anywhere, against anyone… either locally, with 3G or via Wi-Fi. Cross-Play functionality with the PlayStation®3 version gives players console quality online battles that push the true capabilities of the PlayStation®Vita. A host of additional new features and surprises designed specifically for the PlayStation®Vita system are being implemented and will be revealed prior to the game’s release this October.

They also went on to detail a list of features that the game is going to incorporate into the game, and it is a big list.It’s certainly a far cry from what we are used to with features like new extended cut scenes. This list is a powerhouse of relevant and worth knowing features, especially cross play. Good god, the cross play. And DLC sharing, seriously, who doesn’t like that? Sure it would be better if we didn’t need to buy DLC but the fact that it is shared is a great thing!

• 55 Playable Characters – In addition to the core roster of 38 characters from the console version and
the 5 exclusive characters from the PS3™ version, the PS Vita version will arrive with a free download
code for the 12 new playable characters: Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy and Sakura from the
Street Fighter side, and Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack-X, Lars Alexandersson
and Lei Wulong from the Tekken side.
• Cross-Platform Play – Portable gaming has reached a new level. Cross-Platform Play allows PS Vita
players of Street Fighter X Tekken to compete against PS3 players.
• Multiplayer Mayhem – Pick your battles and compete against others locally, online through Wi-Fi networks, or through the PS Vita’s 3G connection.
• PS Vita Exclusive Features:
– Augmented Reality: Pose and take pictures of your favourite characters, and then place them in real
life photos.
– Front and Rear Touch Panels: Create the size and positioning of extra buttons on the front and rear
touch panels, and customise these with different moves. Also, menus now work with the touch screen.
– Near: Customise the costumes of your characters, and share them with other Vita owners that pass
by. Collect other players’ custom costumes.
– KO Monument: Collect trophies from the players you beat and build the ultimate KO monument.
– Ad-Hoc Fight Request: Turn this mode on to automatically challenge other Vita owners in your area.
Share replays after the battle.
– Gallery Mode: Collect different sounds and movies from the game, and play them in the gallery.
• PS Vita and PS3 Data Sharing – All DLC purchased on the PS3 version can be used on the PS Vita
version, and vice versa. Additionally, edited and customised data on the PS Vita version can be
transferred to the PS3 version via a save data link.
• And… 38 Free Alternate Costumes! – In addition to receiving the free code for the 12 new characters,
Vita players will receive a second free code that can be used to unlock the alternate costumes for the core
roster of 38 characters. Additionally, anyone who pre-orders the upcoming PS Vita version at select retailers will be rewarded with free alternate costumes for the 12 new characters.

I don’t own a Vita myself, but I do play a lot on my buddies, and from what I’ve played so far, I just know this game is going to be great, I love bringing the pain to my friends in competitive fighters, so having the chance to do it now, whilst on the go is just gravy.

Although there is one thing that irks me. As incredible as it is, the screen on the Vita just seems a little to small for a fighter with this much flair, for me it’s comparable to playing the likes of Blaz Blue on a GBA screen. There is just too much going on, in too small a space. While it isn’t a game breaker, it could certainly make subtle movements harder to notice. Have you ever seen Ryu draw back his shoulders and chuck a fireball at you? Of course you have, but as soon as you see them arms moving, you know to either helicopter kick him, upside the head, or block. But with the screen being as cramped as it is, noticing them tiny movements can be fairly difficult. I’ve included a new screenshot of the game, to illustrate this, granted this screen is not Ryu, but you get the point I’m trying to make.

Looking crowded
There is just a little bit too much going on here for my liking.

The massive character roster is a great thing, of that there is no denying. “What makes it so good”, I hear you ask? Well for one thing, it means there is going to be a lot of content to fight through, that much is obvious, but the real good point is that the characters from both franchises are so diverse. Sure some may have similarities in their fighting style, but the differances in size, reach, speed and endruance is what makes competitive fighters get all hot and bothered. There are combos to learn, chain combos to be built and performance characters to be weeded out and sorted from the chaff.

In short, this is going to be a hit, no matter what way you look at it.  Street Fighter X Tekken hits stores on October 26th.

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