Destiny: New Social Space Could Liven Up Gameplay

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Some new screenshots for the Destiny House of Wolves expansion have leaked online (via Polygon). The new images give a hint at what is in store for the future of the game. One particular image suggests that a completely new social space area will be available for The House of Wolves DLC expansion. In the image, it is called the “Reef Social Space,” and it is located in the Reef in the Asteroid Belt. The Reef is a ship graveyard located in deep space. It is the last place the light of the Traveler was able to hit during the collapse. Based on the gameplay, the Reef represents the Traveler’s last ditch effort to save the humans who fled Earth before the Darkness invaded the planet. The Reef is home to the blue-skinned beings known as the Awoken, ruled by the Queen of the Reef. If The House of Wolves provides Destiny with a new social space, that could be a beneficial way to liven up the gameplay.

The existence of a new social space or its nature is not yet confirmed. In the past, there have been temporary gameplay activities at the Tower social space such as The Queen’s Wrath. In The Queen’s Wrath, an emissary of the Queen of the Reef provided Guardians with specific and new mission modes. If The House of Wolves grants players a whole new social space, that could break the monotony for players who always go to the Tower for bounties and mission. Perhaps, a social space located in the Reef could provide players with gameplay events similar to the Queen’s Wrath, new missions and new gameplay modes. The possibilities are endless, and Bungie should explore these ideas Bungie.

There was a trailer for Destiny released in 2013 that showed a location in the Reef. Apparently, a Guardian can walk around this location, and it has yet to be depicted in the game. Perhaps, this will be the Reef social space. However, the existence of such a location could add fuel to the fire in which Bungie created a lot of content that was left aside at launch. As a result, players were forced to invest in the DLC packs.

The House of Wolves DLC is expected for a second quarter 2015 release. I predict a probable April release. Destiny is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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