It’s Payback Time: 30 Celebrities Photobombing Ordinary People

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Photobombing is  a fun and playful way to butt in while your friends are taking a photo without you. Its even better when you do a photobomb on complete strangers. True, you might be ruining their perfect photo, but at least it will be funny. Photobombing has become so popular that even celebrities are doing it more and more often on the red carpet or on movie sets. What you don’t expect to see is a celebrity photobombing ordinary people.

With all the paparazzi following them and fans stopping them at every turn asking to take a picture, you might think that celebrities would run for cover whenever they see a raised phone or camera their way. Apparently that’s not the case. Some celebrities can’t miss the chance to fool around with regular folk when they are not being noticed and end up doing some epic photobombs. Hey, celebs are people too, after all, and they too need to have some fun.

Here are 30 celebs who just had to be in the picture.

1. Beyonce Dropping In During A Concert

Beyonce Dropping In During A Concer

2. The Wild Adam Savage Appears


3. Snoop Dog Likes What He Sees


4. Smile With The Rock


5. Thumbs Up From Aaron Paul


6. Hope Bill Nye’s Shorts Weren’t in That Frame

Bill Nye Those Shorts Though

7. Buffett and McCartney Just Chillin

Buffett and McCartney Just Chillin

8. Tyler the Creator trumps Donald Trump

Class Act

9. Surprise From David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff surprises these party girls

10. Want To Know The Movie, Beyonce?


11. Arnold Schwarzenegger Going Green

It's Not A Scooter

12. Jimmy Fallon And Jon Hamm Enjoyng The Panoramic View

Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm

13. John Mayer Even Stopped Eating For This

John Mayer looking goofy and ignoring his meal

14. Jon Lovitz Just Rolls His Eyes To These Stuff

Jon Lovitz turns a pretty mundane photo of these two party girls into comedy gold

15. Justin Timberlake Photobombs His Fans

JT photobombs a group of fans

16. Drinking Latte With John Mayer and Katy Perry 

Just Drinking My Latte With John Mayer and Katy Perry No Biggie

17. Michael Cera: King of Creeper Photobombs

Michael Cera  King of Creeper Photobombs

18. Neil Flynn Looking Scary

Neil Flynn

19. Greeting From The Queen

Royal Treat

20. Jimmy Fallin, Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Photobombing The Super Bowl Photobooth


21. Sam Neill Dropping In For Lunch

Sam Neill Dropping In For Lunch

22. Can You Belieb It?

She Can't Belieb It

23. You Can’t Fool Marky Mark

She Thought She Was Being Sly, But Marky Mark Wasn't Fooled

24. Daniel Radcliffe Stole a Fan’s Phone and Took This

So Daniel Radcliffe Stole a Fan s Phone and Took This

25. He Took Some Pictures With The Passed Out Guy’s Phone. T.Hanks.

T.Hanks For The Selfie

26. Heeere’s Tyson

This might be Mike Tyson’s best cameo since The Hangover

27. Warwick Davis Out In Force

Warwick Davis Out In Force

28. Look Out For Nathan Fillion

Watch Out For Nathan Fillion

29. Zach Braff Approves This Marriage

Zach Braff Approves Of This Marriagej

30. Nickolas Cage Says “Hi”

Nicholas Cage Even Waves

They just couldn’t help themselves.

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