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These Celebrities Look EXACTLY the Same Like People from History. This will Get You Chills

We all have our “double” who lived or lives somewhere in this world. It doesn’t matter how spooky this sounds – it’s the truth.

It happened to me once as I was walking down a street some random dude showed up from nowhere looking exactly the same.

I freaked out for a moment, but later we had a good laugh about that. It was a pretty awesome experience and we even made jokes that we are twins separated on birth.

This happened when I visited Spain.

Celebrities too have their double living or lived somewhere on this earth. We have 9 celebrities who look exactly the same like celebrities or random people in History.

Let’s see who they are:

Nicolas Cage and this picture of The Virgin Mary


Rose Wilder Lane (Journalist) and Maggie Gyllenhaal


Ulysses S. Grant and Michael Fassbender


Doris Kenyon and Victoria Justice


NYC’s Mayor Joh Purroy Mitchel and Tom Hiddleston


HP Lovecraft and Christopher Mintz Plasse


Zora Neale Hurston and Queen Latifah


Franciabigio’s Painting and Joaquin Phoenix


Jay Z and this random guy in some old NYC Photo


Have you met your double?

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