The Order 1886: New Trailer Hints at Long Suspected Plot Twists

Sony PlayStation and Ready at Dawn Studios released a new story trailer this week for The Order 1886. The upcoming third-person shooter action game is due out next month, so Sony is ramping up the hype machine for the game. The new story trailer offers a good picture regarding the story elements and plot for the game. It also hints at details I have been suspecting for months. The new trailer indicates that the plot could be weighed down by too many subplots. It appears the creative team will be able to juggle the elements well.

The two playable demos that were released for the game contain next to nothing regarding the plot of the Knights of the Round Table and their conflict against the Lycan half-breeds. In fact, all the playable demos involve the Knights’ conflict with the rebellion against the British empire. The main problem is that both these conflicts come off as what would serve as standalone plots for separate game stories. If the game does not meld the conflicts together in a cohesive fashion, it could potentially create a messy, convoluted plot. That is still a possibility if the story does not have a tight and solid execution.

The new trailer does a much better job than previous story-themed trailers have done in terms of setting the stage for the story. The speaker of the Knights explains that the Knights of the Round Table have been in a conflict with the Lycans for centuries to maintain a balance. However, the balance has a new “contagion” in the form of the rebellion. It seems the rebellion serves to shift the balance in favor of the Lycans, possibly by weakening the order of the Knights. One of the knights, Isabeau, even suggests that rebels and the Lycans are working together. In previous months, I suspected that one way the writers would bring the plot elements together would entail the Lycans actually creating the rebellion. I had one thought that the rebellion starts as a result of discontent over the Lycan conflict. Victims of the conflict blame the empire for not dealing with the Lycans. However, it would make a lot of sense if the Lycans figure out a way to organize a conflict like a rebellion. Essentially, the government the Lycans want to rule would destroy itself from the inside out.

In the first demo, there was even a hint at corruption in the government and the Knights of the Roundtable. The Knights locate a shipment of new weapons to the rebels. The rebels should not have access to the weapons. Basically, one of the Knights or a high-ranking member of the government is probably a Lycan, or has been converted to the side of the Lycans.

Either way, the trailer does make a good effort in quelling some of my concerns regarding the plot. The game looks like a fun, story-driven game, and I am anxious to see the final results. The Order: 1886 hits the shelves on February 20. The game will be available exclusively for the PS4.

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