Destiny: Bungie Should Acquire the LFG Sites

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After growing incessantly tired of hunting for Raid, Heroic and Nightfall Strike parties, I needed something to provide a greater ease of access to the tougher missions in the Destiny universe. The lack of matchmaking or custom matchmaking services for certain Destiny missions had become exceedingly exasperating. Unfortunately, it seems that Bungie has no plans to incorporate any type of matchmaking for Raids and harder Strike missions in Destiny. It makes searching for Fireteams or parties for those types of missions very frustrating and time consuming.

Thankfully, and have popped up and have offered solutions to players for the matchmaking problem. Both sites are incredibly helpful in pursuing groups and parties for Raids and Nightfall Strikes for Destiny. In fact, the sites are so helpful, I believe Bungie should seriously consider acquiring them and incorporating facets of the websites into the game proper. is the site I consider the most versatile Looking For Group site for Destiny. The site has a live, real-time feed that updates continuously. Players submit their requests for a member that is needed for a Fireteam or Raid party; or players may submit individual requests for a group to play with. The fact of the matter is that the Tower for Destiny is not a very good or effective social hub. The Tower is not incredibly user friendly in searching for a Raid party. takes a lot of the stress and frustration out of looking for a Raid party. Through only the site, players can filter their region, their game console and the gameplay event they are searching for.

It is strange that I have previously seen custom search filters like this for multiplayer modes. It does not seem so earth-shattering. In the age of next-gen consoles and tech, how is it so hard for developers to put together a feature like this? A group of dedicated fans put these sites together. For Bungie, the best option would be to buy these sites and make the LFG sites official resources for the developers. A future update for Destiny could definitely use the type of service that the LFG websites offer. That is the next best thing if Bungie is unwilling to offer matchmaking for the harder missions.

I realize the Raid missions are difficult, and Bungie wants players to be on the same page in order to beat the missions. However, the LFG sites allow players to offer text descriptions. Groups that are looking for members can specify whether the group wants a certain class or Guardian level. Members looking for a group can explain that he or she owns a game microphone and high their Guardian level is. This really is not rocket science. The LFG sites are done in such a user-friendly fashion, it seems almost incredulous that Bungie has yet to come up with something similar.

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