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PlayStation: Sony Needs to Consider Bundled Discounts

Sony PlayStation clearly has some big plans to make the PlayStation 4 console a huge destination for multimedia entertainment with the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now. Digital exclusive entertainment content will debut exclusively for the PlayStation Network in the Powers TV series. PlayStation Vue will offer users a streaming television service. PlayStation Now provides players with a way to stream classic PlayStation 3 games live through smart televisions and the PlayStation 4 console. However, all these subscription based services bring mounting costs for players and consumers. Sony needs to think seriously about offering bundled packages and discounts for all the services to make these new content services more alluring to the consumer. Otherwise, the new services for the PlayStation consoles come off as another expense that consumers could be reluctant to pay for.

It is a great idea for Sony to offer streaming television through the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Basically, the game consoles are going to become competitors with cable and satellite. This is an excellent strategy because cable and satellite are dying models that do not always fulfill the desires of their consumers. However, the streaming PlayStation Vue service is not going to be free. It will be available on a month-to-month payment service.

In addition, PlayStation Now has a subscription component. That service costs $19.99 for a one month package or $44.99 for three months. A PlayStation Plus subscription service costs $49.99 for a one-year subscription. Not only that, but some games such as Destiny require a PlayStation Plus membership in order to access some of the features.

So, if a user wants to use all these services, the subscription costs are mounting quite high. Cable companies offer a bundled discount or deals for users who get internet, TV and phone service together. Sony PlayStation needs to create some appealing offers. If Sony truly wants the PlayStation to be the number 1 destination for entertainment and gaming, special deals are necessary to remove some of the edge. Otherwise, all of the extra features will not seem so attractive, due to the insane mounting costs to own all of them.

Not to mention, Sony PlayStation is consistently under attack from cyber intrusions. How can consumers have confidence in these new services when the PlayStation Network suffers so many outages due to cyber attacks? Ultimately, Sony will make these decisions; but nevertheless, the company must have a discussion about bundles and group discounts for the new streaming and multimedia service.


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