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There Are Some Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You to Know. Yikes!

Some people are traveling by plane because their job requires traveling very often. Every single passenger out there is using this traveling method to arrive faster to his destination.

But do they know that the airlines have secrets they weren’t aware of?

Some airline employees thought it would be totally cool if they share some secrets on Reddit. If you ask me this is the stupidest thing they could ever do in their careers.

To find out a secret can hurt you sometimes, but under these circumstances it will open your eyes for the next time you are going to travel with your favorite airline.

What are the secrets you asked? – You don’t need to ask twice.

Blankets and pillows the flight attendant give you inside of the plane are often already used


Missing that TSA-approved lock on your luggage puts it at risk of being opened by gate agents, passengers and ramp agents


The headphones the flight attendants give to passengers are not new, even though they are wrapped in plastic


If something vibrates in your bag while the flight attendant is near you, he or she will open the bag to see what it is


SkyMall magazine’s items can be found on the Internet for a much smaller price


The water used for your coffee is not as clean as you think


The pilot intentionally lands hard on a rainy day in order to break through the slick surface on the runway


A secret lock is placed on the outside of the bathroom that allows the flight attendant to open the door if someone accidentally locks himself in


Tipping the flight attendant will give you benefits over the other passengers


Some of the pilots sleep during long flights


Gate check luggage will save you few extra bucks


The pilot has authorization to arrest you once the doors of the plane are closed


The pilot and the copilot share the workload into equal parts


Human organs are probably transported during your flight


Flying with a big and respected airline doesn’t mean you have an experienced pilot in cockpit


Most of the flight attendants don’t turn their cell phones off


Airplanes are getting struck by lightning all the time


Pilots get different meals than passengers


Airplane lights are always dimmed while landing in order to make things easier for you if you need to evacuate the plane if an emergency occurs


The oxygen masks in the plane contain oxygen for approximately 15 minutes


Oh wow… This will leave a mark.

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