The Order 1886: Awesome New ‘Silent Night’ Trailer Released

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Sony PlayStation and Ready at Dawn Studios released an appropriate holiday-themed trailer for the upcoming game, The Order: 1886. The new “Silent Night” trailer features a chilling and creepy version of Silent Night playing in the background and set to new footage of the game. Sony has been building up this game quite well, and it looks to be one of the first major releases out of the gate for 2015. Based on early results, 2015 appears to be a major year for the PlayStation 4 with some pretty incredible releases ahead. The Order: 1886 is one of my most anticipated titles next year.

The trailer features a mix of footage from the new demo that was available at the inaugural 2014 PlayStation Experience. In addition, the trailer showcased a good deal of exciting new footage. The setting, atmosphere and ambiance for the game look absolutely palpable. The setting of Victorian London, mixed with sci-fi and supernatural elements make me so excited about this game. Those elements  blend together like peanut better and jelly, and the new trailer exemplifies that. The dark, grimy urban setting of London, embroiled in a rebellion and a war with deadly Lycan beasts looks spectacular. The zeppelin sequence, which was playable in the demo, appears epic and very well done. In addition, the character models and animation have an impressive level of natural realism. Motion captured performances have really improved with regards to what can be accomplished with the storytelling and narratives for games such as this. The gap of the uncanny valley is starting to close.

Some of the more ominous footage shows Grayson, aka Sir Galahad, carrying away his love interest character, Isabeau D’Argyll, aka Lady Igraine. She appears to be injured or possibly unconscious. Galahad can be heard saying, “Stay with me,” perhaps toward Isabeau. Based on the recent demo I played, there seems to be some chemistry and attraction between Galahad and Isabeau, unless I am misreading it. However, The Order: 1886 does not look like a world where two characters like Isabeau and Galahad will be able to end up together. I am really excited about the game, so I hope it does not fail to deliver. I enjoy really strong, cinematic single-player campaigns and third-person shooters. In some ways, those type of games seem to be dying out. Hopefully, The Order: 1886 succeeds in that area.

The Order: 1886 is due out on February 20, 2015. The game will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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