WWE 2K15: Break Down of New DLC Wrestler Footage

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The WWE 2K15 WCW downloadable content pack was just released for the game. The new pack features pro wrestling alums such as: Diamond Dallas Page; Lord Steven Regal; Fit Finlay; and Bam Bam Bigelow. Footage of the new content pack has made its way online, and some of the results are good. Other results are somewhat disappointing.

The model for Diamond Dallas Page came out with less than sterling results. His facial model looks weird and all wrong. In addition, his trademark locks look quite weird. The Diamond Dallas Page model definitely could have used more time and extra polish. It would have been preferable if 2K Games had used Diamond Dallas Page’s short-haired, buzz cut look for this game instead of that awkward monstrosity. Other than that, the new moves and animation for Diamond Dallas Page look good. It appears the developers captured Page’s in-ring style and moveset quite well, including his signature maneuvers: the discus lariat; the pancake piledriver (similar to Cesaro’s Neutralizer); and the Diamond Cutter finisher. All of his moves look faithfully re-created.

The old school WCW model for Lord Steven Regal came out very well. I am happy to see that WWE went with the old Steven Regal gimmick. When Regal came back to WWE, he changed his in-ring moniker to William Regal instead of Steven. He wears his old-school WCW ring attire and even has the same mannerisms (for example, the way he would walk out with his hand behind his back). Regal’s signature moves, the Regal Plex and the STF submission hold, look very well animated. Thankfully, his character model came out a lot better than Diamond Dallas Page’s model.

The late, great Bam Bam Bigelow also gets a new character model for this update. Bigelow’s digital avatar turned out great for this content pack. His likeness, attire and physical animations all look startlingly accurate and faithfully adapted for the game. Bigelow’s Greetings from Asbury Park and diving headbutt moves are both in the game for his repertoire.

Fit Finlay’s character model from his WCW days has him sporting his old long hair and mullet and early ring entrance gear. The Finlay Roll and the Tombstone Piledriver both get play in the game for his moveset, which is nice.

Finally, there is former WCW world heavyweight champion Lex Luger. Overall, Luger’s model looks decent. However, his face does look a bit off. I am glad to see 2K Games went with Luger’s classic WCW attire with the trademark bicep straps. Plus, he exhibits the classic Torture Rack hold, another awesome addition for the game.

The WWE 2K15 WCW downloadable content pack is now available.

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