Destiny: The Dark Below Launch Trailer Breakdown

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The marketing machine at Activision for Bungie’s Destiny is as strong as ever. Bungie just released a new launch trailer for the upcoming first downloadable expansion content for Destiny, The Dark Below. The video is available below, and it features some eye-catching, new gameplay footage. The trailer does an excellent job providing a hard sell for the upcoming expansion.

The trailer summarizes some of the previously released gameplay videos. There is a brief voice-over narration by the new Tower ally, Eris. Once again, Eris explains that she is the last surviving member of a group of Guardians who went into the Pit to stop the Hive. Only Eris managed to crawl out. The video provides some new footage at the new special gear for The Dark Below, the new player-vs.-player Crucible arenas, and some of the new story missions.

I was glad to see some new cut scene footage of Eris. She says, “The signs can no longer be ignored. We must stop what is coming.” It definitely sounds like a motivating call to action for the Guardians to put a stop to the threat of the Hive once and for all. Hopefully, once the main content is complete, the story will furnish a sense of resolution for the Hive race and storyline. The main game did not really answer any questions or show what has changed with the defeat of the Heart of Darkness. If The Dark Below contains the same story failings, it will be a major flaw for the expansion. At least The Dark Below might provide a better understanding of the Hive. Some shots featured what appeared to be Hive temples, with Hive minions worshiping Crota.

The trailer includes some additional spotlight footage for the new Raid that features Guardians striking at Crota in the depths of the Hellmouth. A bridge opens up over the ghastly Hellmouth, and the Guardians appear to take a teleportation device down to the lower depths of the Moon. Destiny captures those moments very well—flashes with amazing pieces of alien, sci-fi architecture. Setting, ambiance and visual set pieces are great elements of Destiny. The new launch trailer showcases these traits quite well: how Destiny can at times be quite epic with some epic set pieces and locations.

The Dark Below will finally be released on Tuesday, December 9 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The next expansion DLC pack, The House of Wolves, is due out in 2015.

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