2K Games: I Would Like to Have a Word With You

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WWE 2K15

2K Games recently started a comment takeover campaign in support of WWE 2K15. Basically, this means that 2K Games is releasing short video clips with actual WWE Superstars, Divas and personalities responding to actual YouTube comments in reaction to the new gameplay trailer that was just released for WWE 2K15. On paper, the campaign is an interesting idea. However, the execution is rather dull.

The new campaign is reminiscent of the time when actors Danny DeVito, Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia read fan letters for DirecTV commercials.

The main problem with the comments is that the responses are too innocuous, and mostly complimentary comments in support of the game. The comments are not fun, defensive responses to more scathing or insulting comments. The YouTube comment space is generally a hive of the dregs of the Internet. In response to a fan saying he wants to see AJ Lee skipping in the game, 2K Games says, “Paige would like to have a word with you. *Insert YouTube user nickname.*” Why pick such a comment for Paige to respond to? It is a waste. Another video depicts Paige responding to a commenter saying, “You’re not going to buy [the game] over one Diva? That’s kind of stupid.” Correct me if I am wrong, but the commenter is saying not to buy the game because of the inclusion or lack of inclusion of a certain Diva is stupid. So, that means the commenter supports the game and thinks not buying the game due to such a minor complaint is stupid. So why would Paige even need to create a video response for that? If the commenter said something like, “I hate Paige and I will never buy the game,” then it would have made more sense for 2K games to say, “Paige would like to have a word with you,” as well as her subsequent response.

In fact, most of the video responses represent reactions to complimentary comments. It would have been more amusing if characters like the heels took YouTube commenters to task. Instead, Paige takes fans in support of the game to task, or heels like Cesaro agree with the comments. Theoretically, the video responses were a great idea. The disappointing aspect is that they could have been a fun commentary against the often terrible YouTube comments. The attempt with this campaign came off as rather flat.

I will give the comment takeover campaign this: Jack Swagger had the single best video with his response directed toward a fan saying, “Rusev crush.” Recently,Swagger feuded with Rusev on WWE programming, so it makes sense that he would take offense to a supporter of Rusev. Therefore, he simply said, “You say ‘Rusev crush.’ I say, ‘Rusev sucks!'” At least that was kind of funny.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/eKKB6PORSYw”]

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  1. about the phrase that no paige no buy its not stupid.. im one of those people that if paige is not in the game im not gonna buy this game.. i want my wrestling game as updated as possible when it comes to the roster.. thats all!

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