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How To Feminize 17 Awesome Superheroes? Hello Kitty-fy Them

After decades of worldwide undiminished popularity, the adorable Hello Kitty has finally managed to enter the world of masculine superheroes. Well, at least something like that…

The news form Marvel that Thor will be a woman in the next movie sparked a lot of negative reactions from fans. And it appears that it also gave a lot of creative people with great Photoshop knowledge an idea of feminizing the rest of the Avengers as well as some other beloved tough male characters.

The result of changing the costumes in full-blown Hello Kitty colors and sparkles is one hilarious collection of girlish superheroes.

1. Magneto In Magnetic Pink

1Hello Magneto

2. Gandolf Turns Hello Kitty Magical

2Hello Gandolf

3. Argon The Envy Of All Princesses

3Kitty Aragorn

4. Batman And The Joker In Great Shades Of Pink

4Hello batman and joker

5. Superman In Different Hello Kitty Costumes

5Hello Supermen

6. The Sparkly Spider-man

6Hello Spiderman

7. Agent Caulson In Pretty Pink Suit

7Agent Caulson

8. Glittery Winter Soldier

7The Winter Soldier Hello Kitty

9. The Darling Purple Fury

9Hello Fury

10. Hawke-Eye With His Glittery Arrows

10Hello Hawk Eye

11. Falcon And His Fairy-dusted Wings

11Hello Falcon

12. Captain America In Red, White And Pink

12Hello Captain America

13. Hello Pink Widow

13Hello Black Widow

14. The Hello Kitty Thor

14hello thor

15. And His Brother Loki

15Hello Loki

16. Hello Hulk-Chan Smash

16hello hulk

17. Iron Man’s Devastating Hello Kitty Unibeam

17Hello Iron Man

Damn, they’re so manly and adorable.

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