New Destiny Trailer Showcases Impressive Martian Gameplay Footage

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Activision and Bungie are not letting up with the promotional machine and awe-inspiring videos for Destiny. A new trailer for the game has been released from Gamescom in Cologne, Germany featuring new gameplay footage on the red planet, Mars. The new trailer exhibits one aspect of Destiny that I am really excited about–the exploration and traversing of places such as the Moon, Mars and Venus.

In the new trailer, it appears the Guardians are exploring the ruins of a post-colonized Mars. Since The City on Earth is the last bastion for mankind and civilization in the galaxy, the Darkness has swept through Mars as well. The video also provides a good look at the Cabal aliens, one of the antagonist species of aliens in the game.

I recall previously seeing some multiplayer gameplay video on Mars last month, but I think this is the first video featuring actual gameplay footage from the story mode. The Martian landscapes look great and considerably different from the typical old Russia area that was available to play for Destiny Beta. Based on this video, I cannot wait to see what Mercury will look and play like in the game. So far, from what I have seen out of Destiny, the elements I prefer are the general sense of atmosphere, the setting and the expansive universe that takes you out to the stars. The ruins give a sense of what has been lost; and yet the game does not have a bleak, depressing, post-apocalyptic feeling. The tone of the game comes off as hopeful and confident.

One other considerable difference is the architecture on Mars compared to that of Venus. The ruins on Venus look alien, while the ruins on Mars look like remnants of a more futuristic and high-tech Earthling culture. I wonder if the ruins are marks of different points in humanity’s development with help from The Traveler. My assumption is that Mars was colonized first, before Venus, considering it was the first planet The Traveler arrived at in our solar system.

The overall setting and interstellar exploration is awe-inspiring; and this video depicting the exploration of Mars is no exception. In addition, the Cabal look like the most impressively designed antagonist aliens I have seen so far for the game. The Cabal soldiers look like armored, hulking boulders. I imagine I will have fun vanquishing these enemies.

Destiny hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 9.

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