20 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make You Feel Reborn the Next Time You are Cleaning

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When the cleaning day comes you feel devastated because you’ll need to waste couple of hours. Cleaning doesn’t feel so great.

What will make you feel reborn is these 20 cleaning hacks that will help you clean the entire house pretty quick.

It’s fun too.

As soon as I shared this with my friends and family, they were calling me to thank me on the invention later. Truth is I didn’t come up with them, but some clever people did all the work.

People are really clever when they want to be.

These cleaning hacks will make the dirtiest spots look like “piece of cake”. It’s easy and all of them can help you.

Under every picture is a short explanation about the cleaning hack.

Let’s begin.

1. Removing a carpet stain


Removing a carpet stain has never been easier. Just take a mixture of 2 parts water and one part vinegar and just spray it on the stain. The next thing you need to do is dump a piece of rag over it and iron it. The result is on the picture.

2. Cleaning with Dryer Sheets


Would you look at that? These dryer sheets have had a secondary assignment. You can clean everything from bookshelves to TV’s and the anti-cling effect will repeal dirt in future.

3. An Oven Cleaner


All you need is a bowl filled with ½ ammonia cup into cold oven. Leave it overnight and the day after you can wipe it clean.

4. Cleaning spice or coffee grinder


Grinding 1 tbsp baking soda will do the cleaning trick and you just need to wipe it thoroughly. The effect? – Just try it.

5. The couch master


Spray your couch with rubbing alcohol and use a clean white sponge for rubbing the couch. Fluff the fibers with bristle brush and you are done.

6. Grease stain remover


There is no need to worry. Just cover the grease stain with white chalk and after few minutes wipe away the chalk with a clean cloth.

7. Drying wet shoes with newspapers


Fast and clean. Crumbled newspapers will dry off your shoes.

8. Squeegee is here to save the day


Squeegee will help you clean up the dog fur even when you don’t see any. Run in over the carpet and you will see the results.

9. Sponge Sanitizer


Everything is written on the picture

10. Foreman Grill cleaner


The toughest job ever. When you are done cooking, press few paper towels between the surface and the lid. Remember to unplug it first. The heat will steam clean the whole grill. Wipe it dry with clean paper towel and see the results.

11. Destroying water rings is very easy


Soak up the moisture with a clean towel and then dry it out with a hair dryer. Everything will disappear.

12. Bathtub Ring Remover


All you need is a grapefruit cut in half. Sprinkle the half grapefruit and the tub with salt and use the fruit with salt. The rings will vanish.

13. A mattress cleaner


Pour some vodka into a clean bottle and spray it across your mattress. The alcohol will kill the bacteria that causes odor after it air-dries.

14. Dishwasher Cleaner


A cup of vinegar placed on the top shelf and sprinkling baking soda on the bottom will do the trick. You just need to run it again to clean the dishwasher.

15. Refreshing the leather furniture


The magic word would be, actually two words: Shoe Polish. All scuffs and scrapes will vanish.

16. Fan cleaner


Just wipe the fan blades with old pillowcase. Wipe them up from within that will keep the dust from inside.

17. Cleaning broken glass


Use piece of white bread and pick up the tiniest pieces.

18. Vacuuming vomit


A combination of water and baking soda will make a paste. Spread the past over the vomit and leave it overnight. The paste will be ready for you to vacuum it the next day.

19. Cleaning the blender


Warm water and dish soap, that’s all you need. Turn the blender on to blend and for a few seconds you will get a clean blender. Dump the cleaning material, run by it with clean water again and dry it off.

20. Grill Cleaner


A half white onion will get the grate clean as a whistle. Use a fork to clean the hot grill without getting burned.

There you have it. If you have any similar cleaning solutions you can share it with us in the comments section below.

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Thank You!

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  1. To clean a mildewed, soap scum encrusted shower curtain liner use two dish washing (for the dishwasher) pods and one cup of bleach in the clothes washing machine with hot water. It will be as clean as it was when new. Use your laundry basket to carry the wet curtain back to the shower and hang to dry.

  2. Those tips are incredible! I can’t believe of the brilliant results you got just by using vinegar and water for the carpet. I am so grateful to find this post! Thanks for sharing

  3. A better way to clean your dishwasher and keep it clean is to fill up the rinse dispenser with vinegar instead of rinse agent. Been doing it for years with great results, no water spots and no harm to the machine.

  4. The ceiling fan pillow case back works great! I clean homes for a living. I had to clean 7 ceiling fans the other day and used this method. I did however spray furniture polish inside the pillow case and it shined them up at the same time!!

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