Destiny Beta: Character News from Bungie is Disappointing

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In a new weekly update, Bungie confirmed that the characters created by players for the Destiny Beta will not return for the final version of the game. This was addressed in an official update because it had become an issue for players. As Deej described in the update, it was “one questions you’ve all been asking.” Unfortunately, I was forced to read a flowery, melodramatic letter, only to learn the heartbreaking news that I will not be able to carry over my data or character from the Destiny Beta to the game’s official release this fall.

According to Bungie designer Tyson Green, so many tweaks were made from the Beta version that the characters that from the Beta build would be in “strange shape at best, or broken at worst.” OK, that is at least an excuse I can sort of stomach. I would have preferred for Deej to lead with Tyson Green’s explanation, instead of giving me false hopes when I initially started reading the article and then having to read the elaborate, silly letter.

The news is still disappointing. To be clear, I am not going to organize a pointless movement or boycott because of this news. I will not launch a petition on However, I still want to have my moment of catharsis. While I did have my issues with the Destiny Beta–and this may sound silly–I took great pride in the Guardian I created. I really enjoyed getting to play and grow in the world of Destiny with my character. I am saddened that I will not be able to use the character again.

People informed me that my notions of wanting my data to transfer over were unrealistic. However, it is obvious that the fact that Destiny took so much notice of the issue  means I was not alone in my opinion. I spoke with Activision reps at Comic-Con, who said they were thinking deeply and hard about the issue, which made me believe it was not impossible. Even the Uncharted 3 multiplayer Beta, although it is a very different game, carried over my stats for the final game. Perhaps this is selfish, but I also wanted to have a head start once the game came out. It is similar to William Cage’s frustration when he has to start his cycle of the war with the Mimics over again in Edge of Tomorrow.

I am not going to do anything crazy because of this development. However, I am still disappointed over the news, and I am simply taking a moment to blow off some steam over the reality, no matter how irrational that may be.

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  1. I’m glad they wiped the characters. I had a pretty good character, but everyone should be lvl 1 on launch day.

  2. They said a long time ago (at least six months) that beta characters would be wiped, so I’m not sure why anyone would be disappointed or caught off-guard by this.

    1. They also said they were hearing about this and thinking about carrying the data over. I am not caught off guard, but I am still disappointed, and that’s my right.

  3. Whining over something stupid, yeah yeah our characters are gone, big deal.
    If you’re to hurt over loosing your digital baby don’t buy the complete game, just shut up….

    1. I think articles like this are just being created cause Halo dorks are so scared that Destiny is going to take attention away from their precious Halo. It will, they should just get over that now.

      1. @steve I most agree with you but may have used different wording LOL.

        @ImOnaDrugCalledSheen:disqus Not so sure about the vast anti-Destiny conspiracy. I think it will do well on any platform it comes to.

      1. halo 3 beta? wipe. Halo reach beta? wipe. World of warcraft beta? wipe. Gears of war beta? wipe. (insert MMO here) Wipe. Battlefield 2,3,4,hardline? Wipe.

        1. Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta will have armor and other items that will carry over to the final game. Not to mention this beta will be 3 weeks long.

          1. That hasn’t ever been said. Even if that were true, that’s highly atypical, and my point stands.

  4. I don’t see how this is dissapointing. Everyone should be on a level playing ground (including the devs, I mean it). Otherwise what’s the point?

    Although I agree some of the weapons and equipments that was procured from the beta may be difficult again to come by (not really), but maybe Bungie can give players a slight bit of headstart in some “exclusive” aesthetic only weapon/equipment to players who participated in the beta. But beyond that, everything else should be kept equal.

  5. Seriously? Whining for beta charater? THIS IS SPARTA, I mean BETA! ( + pushing the beta character inside a giant bottomless pit )

  6. It was a beta, so this was logical. Then again, most $0N¥ paupers don’t have a brain, so they can’t properly think. Destiny is setting itself up for failure though. That overhype will never deliver.

  7. Not a big deal, but it’s still annoying. At least give us an exp boost or something other than a emblem for playing the beta and “wasting” all those hours.

  8. Anyone who actually thought they were going to keep their character and level from the beta is a fool, this was pretty obvious, that’s not Bungie’s fault that’s yours for expecting something that was never going to happen.

  9. What fool actually thought we were going to be able to transfer character data from the beta to the finished product? Does anyone else hear the distinct crying of fanboys and bait-writing flash-in-the-pan videogame journalists?

  10. It is not bungie’s fault you got your delusional hopes up beta progress would carry over. Even their history of betas do not reflect that. They never did it, not once.

    1. Thats not true. Where do you think the blue “enternal” flames came from in Halo Reach and the red flames in Halo 3???

  11. I also really liked my Beta Characters but could care less that i have to “start over” on launch. It took all of 6-8 hrs to get to lev. 8. I’m sure I’ll get over having to replay the early part of the game. 2 articles whining about losing your Beta characters would embarrass the hell out of me if I were you. Please leave your gamertag in the comments Jeffrey Harris… Sounds like your tears will satiate all Guardians in the Crucible for months to come! :p

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